13/08/2016 Whitnash Open Pairs

Entries had to be declined for our Whitnash Open Pairs competition, since the maximum number of 24 teams was reached two weeks ahead of the event.    This was the first time that Whitnash had held an Open Pairs competition, replacing our normal Open Summer Triples competition which has been held over recent years.   As well as entrants from the local Heart of England Clubs, teams travelled from Hereford and the Chiltern Region to support the event and our thanks to everyone who took part.

The competition was run with six leagues of four teams, playing three games in the morning rounds.   The winners of each League, plus the next two best scorers, progressed to the Gold competition in the afternoon, with the next eight best teams moving to the Silver competition and the lowest scoring teams going into the Bronze.    The competition then played a Knockout round, followed by semis and a final in each category.

The overall winners of the Gold were Paolo and Sue Infantino from Chiltern who defeated Brian Stote and Nigel Ashby in the final.   In the Silver category, Barry Scott and Phil Price beat Peter Taylor and Steph Moulden (Chiltern) and the Bronze competition was won by Ian and Mel Williams from Hereford who beat Lynn Roberts and Russ Davies.    Cash prizes were presented to the finalists in each category.

Full results are as follows:

Whitnash Open Summer Pairs Results 2016


Sue and Paulo Infantino from Chiltern – Gold Winners


Nigel Ashby (East Midlands) and Brian Stote – Gold Runners Up


Silver winners – Phil Price and Barry Scott


Silver Runners Up – Steph Moulden and Peter Taylor from Chiltern


Bronze Winners – Ian and Mel Williams from Hereford