HofE Summer League

The summer league is a club team competition. Each team comprises of at least 4 players and each match features four games. The first round is two pairs games and the second features a singles and a triples game. Teams play all teams in their division both home and away and the result is decided by the number of games won.

For this years event Whitnash will be fielding 3 teams Millers, Threshers and Oats. Millers will be playing in Division One whilst Threshers and Oats will be in Division Two. The fixtures for each team are listed below.

13th April       8th June
Home* Knights  v Millers Home Millers  v Knights (HC)
Home Threshers  v Yeoman Away Threshers  v Yeomen
20th April       22nd June
Home Millers  v  Gitanos Away Millers  Gitanos
Away Threshers  v  Godiva Home Threshers  v Godiva
27th April       6th July
Home Millers  v Leofric Away Millers  v Leofric
Home Threshers  v  Swans Away Threshers  v  Swans
4th May       20th July
Away Millers v Berbers Home Millers  v Berbers
Home Threshers v Hampton Away Threshers  v Hampton
11th May       3rd August
Away Millers  v Swallows Home Millers  v Swallows
Away Threshers  v Skylarks Home Threshers  v Skylarks
18th May       17th August
Away Millers  v Swifts Home Millers  v Swifts
Threshers No Match Threshers No Match
25th May       31st August
Home Millers  v Touaregs Away Millers  v Touaregs
Threshers No match Threshers No Match

* The match on 13th between Millers and Knights is actually regarded as an Away game but is in fact to be played at Whitnash.
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