Heart of England Leagues

The Heart of England Petanque Association organise 3 leagues each year.  They are open to all players who hold an EPA license through the Heart of England region.  The leagues are very sociable and members are encouraged to join the EPA in order to be able to take part.

Heart of England Summer League

Run on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer, the league is open to club teams.  It has 2 divisions and teams play all other teams in their division both home and away.  Each match consists of 4 games in two rounds, firstly 2 pairs games and then a singles and triples.  Each team needs at least 4 players to be able to complete a fixture.

Heart of England Winter Pairs

Over the winter months the region runs a pairs competions on alternating Sundays.  There are 8 competitions played as a variety of venues around the region with each pair counting their best 5 results towards their final league position.

Heart of England Summer Triples

Alongside the summer league the region also runs a midweek triples competition, played at venues throught out the west of the region. The competition runs on a similar basis to the Winter pairs, although in this instance substitutes are alklowed to play so long as two team members from a nominated 3 are playing.

Heart of England Presidents Cup